Did you know that the Do You Recycle? Challenge includes a complimentary personalized recycling campaign for participating properties? 

The personalized campaign and suite of educational materials for residents of participating multifamily properties includes:

  • Standard printed materials (with glass and non-glass options) are delivered at no cost to properties.  These materials include tote bags for resident recycling collection, information cards, door tags and building signage.
  • Access to customizable digital materials including program announcement messaging, FAQ documents, digital quiz and survey and social media content.

Check out the graphic above to see an example of what educational content is printed on the info cards, tote bags and door tags! 

This program aims to challenge multi-family communities in the City of Atlanta to commit to reduce waste to landfill, improve recycling outcomes and empower residents to do their part. It also provides participating properties the tools and resources needed to track recycling access and provide educational materials to all residents. 

If you or someone you know lives in an apartment building, condominium or townhome community in the City of Atlanta and/or are interested in participating in the program, please check out our website page here and email emma.livethrive@gmail.com to learn more.