CHaRM Corporate Challenge Employee Registration

CHaRM Corporate Challenge Logo

We are excited to have your company involved with this year’s CHaRM (Center for Hard to Recycle Materials) Corporate Challenge. As an employee of one of the participating companies, you are contributing to CHaRM’s overall Pledge to the Earth to reuse/recycle/reengineer more than 1 million pounds of waste, thereby diverting these harmful materials from Atlanta’s landfills and waterways. Thank you!

Below is a link to make your reservation to drop your materials off at Live Thrive’s CHaRM facility on select days from 8am-2pm, April 1-16, 2022. You must use the below link only for your reservation. Reservations are required to drop off at CHaRM.


For more information about items accepted at CHaRM, click here. Please note that your company will be paying for any items that you bring to CHaRM, so the fees listed on the website do not apply.

For more information about what happens to the items you bring to CHaRM, click here.

2022 Participating Corporations (2023 Coming Soon!)

Alston & Bird
Community & Council Realty Group
Cox logo
Hartsfield Jackson Airport ATL
Highland Mortgage
Monarch Private Capital
The Home Depot Foundation
For more information about this program, email LT@livethrive.org.
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ARD Chick-Fil-A
Hands on Atlanta Spellman Ladies
Hodges-Mace Visit
Home Depot Day