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How do we teach our children to conserve and preserve?

Simple answer—start early and lead by example! Live Thrive is working to bring environmental education to all levels through the CHaRM facility.


Live Thrive offers a wide variety of educational programs for the general public, schools, civic and corporate groups. The following is a list of sessions, classes and tours that Live Thrive can host for your group. All of these classes can be customized to meet your group’s objectives.


Sustainable Material Management

This class helps educate the public on proper waste disposal from their homes and businesses.


Sustainability/Environmental Education

This session covers the effects of improper waste disposals on environment and climate change. Living with the future in mind!


Recycling 101

This class is an overview of items that can be recycled curbside, hard-to-recycle materials and the importance of reuse.

Each of these sessions above can be customized for the following types of groups and events:


Custom Academic Education

Live Thrive works with public and private school teachers to customize the above classes to fit their classroom’s current curriculum.


Homeschool Programs

Live Thrive works with homeschool groups to customize sessions based on the student’s current curriculum. These can be onsite at CHaRM or virtual.


Lunch and Learn

The Live Thrive team can come to your office or host a virtual meeting to discuss Sustainable Material Management or Recycling 101. The Lunch and Learns can also be customized to meet the group or company’s objectives.


Facility Tours

Live Thrive offers tours of the CHaRM facility. This includes an overview of Live Thrive’s mission and a detailed explanation of materials accepted, what happens to the waste, etc.

Events and Programs


Paint for the People

CHaRM accepts applications for groups interested in receiving donated paint for special projects, including graffiti cleanup, neighborhood cleanup, artist beautification, etc.


Corporate Community Recycling Drives

CHaRM would love to host your group, or we can come to your facility to create a recycling drive onsite. Groups can also host volunteer/service days at CHaRM.

DoYouRecycle? Challenge Logo

Do You Recycle? Challenge

Created by The Recycling Partnership in August 2021, The Do You Recycle Challenge provides multi-family communities the tools and guidance needed to deliver and track recycling access and education to all residents.

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