Amina Robinson 

Organization Name:
Live Thrive 

Project Coordinator 

What is your organization’s involvement with the DYR Challenge?
Live Thrive is serving as a Community Program Partner in this capacity

Why did your organization want to get involved in the DYR Challenge and how has your organization made an impact through involvement in this program so far?
We are involved in this challenge because it aligns with our mission to empower people, organizations, communities and businesses to make positive, healthy and sustainable changes to the environment. The impact of educating residents on the proper way of recycling will help to reduce the amount of contamination found in the recycling bins thus reducing the amount of waste to landfill which helps to transform communities from the inside out.

What kind of reaction or positive changes have you seen from this program?
One positive change that we have seen is that residents are feeling more empowered to transform their communities in a way that is actually simple. Residents are starting to realize that recycling doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. This is increasing their willingness to participate and teach others.

What are you looking forward to in your role with this program specifically, and its future impact on multifamily recycling in Atlanta?
We are looking forward to seeing just how great the impact will be once this challenge is complete!