What is your organization’s involvement with the DYR Challenge?
Livable Buckhead is a Community Program Partner in the DYR Challenge. We are responsible for recruiting multifamily properties to participate in the Challenge and providing them with training on how to track their recycling data, as well as assisting in educating their community on best recycling practices.

Why did your organization want to get involved in the DYR Challenge and how has your organization made an impact through involvement in this program so far?|
Recycling is a big part of Livable Buckhead’s sustainability programming and so the DYR Challenge is a perfect fit for what we’re always working on in our community: educating folks on the importance of recycling and how to participate effectively. We’re so happy to have recruited a number of properties to participate in the Challenge so far, and we look forward to more joining. One achievement we’re particularly proud of is helping a participant secure funding for the cost of installing glass recycling infrastructure for their building through a grant from the DYR Challenge. They will now be able to divert their residents’ glass away from landfills with the confidence of knowing it’s being properly recycled.

What kind of reaction or positive changes have you seen from this program?
We’ve seen a lot of enthusiasm from our participating buildings. We’re providing them with resources that many of their tenants want to see. Resources and education on how to recycle right are greatly needed.

What are you looking forward to in your role with this program specifically, and its future impact on multifamily recycling in Atlanta?
We feel we’re making a real impact with every building we recruit, as multifamily communities make up a big part of Atlanta’s population. We look forward to seeing a positive change by providing the tools and resources needed by so many to clear up the common confusions that surround recycling.